Chassis is the section in charge of the ergonomic and safe design of the car, is the internal structure that is responsible for providing a support, rigidity and shape to the vehicle itself, as well as designing the components vital for the comfort and safety of drivers. This department together with aerodynamics, studies the management, use and manufacture of carbon fiber parts, in order to manufacture rigid and low-weight components. This season, one of the biggest challenges for this section is the change from a tubular chassis to a monocoque.


Every racing car needs a good dose of power. This section is responsible for all auxiliary systems, the engine itself and the transmission that gives power to the car. The current engine is a CBR 600 RR, our powertrain people take care of its maintenance for its proper functioning.


This section ensures that the car moves smoothly and safely, in the right direction. This section carries out the study of the suspension geometry, the implementation of the rolling system, tire design, in addition to taking care of the design of one of the fundamental components for the control of our car, the steering.


This section is essential when understanding our car, is responsible for the wiring, design and implementation of sensors that through telemetry and data acquisition, allows the understanding of the car for later designs and adjustments. They work together with the powertrain section by mapping to get the most out of engine performance and efficiency.


In this team we really like the challenges and enter new avenues of I+D+i, hence the new driverless project, in which we have been working together with the CAPO research group for months, all this so that our ÜM05 is able to drive completely autonomously through the complex hardware and software system we have developed. We will be able to see it on track for the first time, in the Formula Student Spain 2022 competition.


The image for the public is fundamental, this section is responsible for representing the team with the highest quality and giving vision to our project, creating content with its subsequent edition. They are in charge of sharing our progress, sponsorships and how these companies help us & our day-to-day work. Showing to the world what it means to be a part of this team and the effort that goes into it.


No doubt aerodynamics enhance the image of a car but, what is it really useful for?. This department is responsible for studying fluid mechanics by comparing the values obtained by CFD with reality, to achieve faster cornerings and  higher top speed without increasing the total weight of the car too much. They optimize all their designs to push the car to the victory.


The Formula Student competition evaluates the capacity & talent of a team, not only in the engineering field, but also when developing a business and economic plan, where the efficient use of the available resources is shown. The Business Plan & Cost and Manufacturing, are two of the events for which this section prepares for months, controlling costs, drawings and invoices for each part implemented on the car, among other tasks. Each season, the team has proven to be evolving, as the scoring in both events has increased each year.


Thanks to our operations consultants, the management of orders and invoices is fast and efficient. For the manufacture of our car, contacting companies and logistics is vital to be able to have on time the products and services required by the team and to transport our car to the events of each season.


The key to success is good organization. This season we wanted to prioritize the order, not only of our workspace, but also the efficient and long-lasting use of all our resources through our inventory. This section was created to facilitate the work and work in parallel with our static colleagues.


The place where the magic happens is in a workshop in Fuenlabrada, where the team works day and night to reach the top.